Are you all ready to be a tiny bit shocked?

As most of you guys know thanks to my previous journal, I have very horrible social/anxiety. If there's one thing I cannot do it is present myself to people whilst having all of the attention on me in any shape or form, whether it be by speaking/presenting/or even just my voice being projected. However,

I have given myself the final push in trying to get myself out of my comfort zone and it gives me great happiness to let you all know I'm going to start streaming! Streaming is something I've wanted to do for a long time as it interests me greatly but I've never had the means to do so or the confidence. However I have a wonderful boyfriend, (shamless plug he streams every Sunday JimityJamity) who will be streaming with me until I build up the will to be able to go it alone.

I'm so hugely excited for this, I'm starting a list of all possible games/series to stream so if you have any suggestions please let me know, and I hope I enjoy it as much as I am wanting to and that you guys do too :)

So please, give me a follow on Twitch/YouTube and any other social media you'd like as I will be positing the ins and outs before each stream. First stream will be Saturday 2nd May (9PM BST/3PM CT) and I hope to see you there smiley12.gif
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- Lauren x