So I've been searching on and off for an apartment since I finished school, and it's been bleak at best.
(Strap in for a mini-vent sesh, brah.)
One of the main reasons I had been looking to relocate to a different part of California or to Austin is because the cost of living here is pretty steep. Although, I do realize Austin probably isn't much better, it's still better, in my opinion. Just renting an apartment where I currently live, for instance, is a little ridiculous. How bad is it, you might ask? Well, I stumbled upon these two infographics today:

Here you can see how Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County rent compares to California and the rest of the US:

Here you can see how much on average I would have to make in order to reasonably afford those places:

Now, it's certainly not as bad as I'm sure it could be, and it certainly isn't as bad as some other parts of the US... But good God, as a fresh-out-of-college 23-year old, that's uhh... That's going to be interesting. I will say, however, that I am still optimistic about the future, especially since it's probably going to consist of roommates and multiple jobs. That's just more life experience, right?



Damn it, though, I am not moving to Arkansas even though it's probably wicked affordable. Maybe Branson, Missouri. 'Cause, you know, it's obviously the greatest city ever built. smiley13.gif

Love and hugs,
smiley12.gif Warpek