My family and I were out to dinner last night, and we were pretty chummy with the table next to us. We didn't know these people, but they were there because their daughter had just graduated high school and so we wished her congratulations. That set off a whole precedent of us talking to or commenting on the goings on of our tables. Well, they had gotten there before we had and therefore got their check before us. When they went to pay, they used a coupon, and in my dad's usual manner, joked "Hey! Where do we get one of those?" The man at the other table said "Well, you have to be part of their mailing list," then kind of snarkily added, "and, you know, be a nurse."

We laughed.

I asked, "Wait, did you say we have to be nurses?"

The man, still laughing said, "Yeah, sorry, it's a Nurses Day thing."

A silence fell over our table and my family just dead-pan looked at the other family and almost simultaneously said,
"We are nurses."

In disbelief, the man's wife said, "Really? I'm a nurse!"

My mom, my sister, my sister's boyfriend, and I all raised our hands and confirmed, "Uhh yeah. We all are."

Both tables erupted in laughter as we all whipped out our California RN licenses as proof.

Behind us, a girl at the table over piped up, "Wait, who's a nurse? I'm one, too!" and joined the conversation.

We all shared what departments we worked for, how long we've been RN (not long for me!), etc. for a good while.

I cannot accurately describe to you how hilarious this coincidence was to our little side of the restaurant, but it certainly made my night, at the very least.

Love and hugs,
smiley12.gif Warpek