. . .All the stress you had swirling around in your head just evaporated into a vapor that just floats away in the gentle breeze of complete and peaceful relaxation. Yep that's right I am finally done with my last final so I can get to doing all the fun stuff without a worry in the world!

Not only am I happy about that, but I even manged to get a early access code for SMITE on the Xbox One (even though I have never played SMITE). So I am definitely looking forward to trying this game out with other community members that got lucky as well. smiley0.gif

Hmmmm. . .did I forget anything else. . . ? Oh right! Tomorrow will be my first time hosting a Game Night Event. If you haven't seen it yet, then I would advise you to click the link down below to learn more about the event:


Well that's about all I got as far as exciting things go. Now I shall get right into the relaxing game time. Hope you guys are having a fun time out there smiley11.gif