Hi guys, i figured cause im a writer id share a short story i wrote a while back with everyone, hope you enjoy it :D

War of The Innocence
I always wondered what I would do when I grew up, Jacen thought as he ran through the battlefield , picking off Haltas soldiers with his revolvers. If someone told me that at normal sized 17 year old with brown hair and eyes I would be fighting a war against a seemingly vast Alien armada, I probably would have told them that they were crazy, that was then. Jacen waded past more Haltas soldiers, dodging artillary and grenades from the enemies array of energy cannons and electrical capsules. Thinking how killing another organism had come this easy to him, Jacen felt a pang of regret " I've lost my innocence' he whispered, his words drowned out from the battle that raged all around him. Some of his peers threw all their emotions into the battle, but Jacen felt that keeping calm and an open, thinking mind made him better and turned him into a dancer of swift death. Soldiers from the United Jalldomaz Army poured into the breach along with a handful of Guardians leading them into the fray, fast as a sound wave.
"Keep pressing forward, we have them now' a guardian Jacen recognized as Blazer yelled: He was an inspirational leader and one of Jacens friends in the Guardians. Jacen knew though that even if they won or lost this battle it wouldn't make a difference, the war had been going on for years with stalemate after stalemate and neither side gaining ground. It had become the norm.
Suddenly, in the middle of the armies charge the ground fell through and Haltas warriors covered in thick tech armor and armed with high caliber repeaters and war staffs attacked. Soldiers were cut down left and right by the Haltas's guns and cleaved in half by their giant war staff's, Jacen saw his friend Blazer firing round after round into their armor, with no outcome until he was blasted by one of the energy cannon's artillery shells. "Damn', Jacen whispered as he ran to the sight of the new commotion, pulling his sword from his sheath and bringing it in a wide slash across the enemies chest plate. The sword barely scratched the armor: only gaining a defiant roar from the Haltas warrior who swung his staff viciously at Jacen's legs in one decisive motion of its massive arm. Timing it just right, Jacen planted his feet on the staff as it swung by and delivered a kick to the warriors face, helping Jacen springboard off of its helmeted head. With the Haltas warrior staggering Jacen was able to flick the power setting on his sword, suddenly flames shot up from the hilt and engulfed the blade in a spectacular red and orange light. Jacen steadied himself into a defensive position as the Haltas warrior pick up its staff in a strangling grip and looked at him with fierce, rabid eyes until it bellowed a raging war cry. It charged at Jacen with the lust of hatred in its eyes baying for his blood, Jacen charged forward and buried his sword hilt deep into the thick tech armor.
Even though Jacen couldn't see the Warriors face he knew that its eyes were wide in surprise, wondering how a lowly human dog could have bested him. Jacen pulled the sword from him and the warrior flopped to the turf clutching its chest, and gasping whatever breaths or words that it had left to use up.
Making sure that the alien had breathed its last, Jacen switched off the power control on the sword and watched the fire die as if being sucked into the physical form of the metal. He then got out his canteen and took one long sip before splashing the rest on his sword, washing off the blood of the enemy.
He looked up into the eyes of a lieutenant. "Sir your presence has been requested at the ops room ' the lieutenant said crisply. He turned and pointed to a newly constructed fort, "thank you soldier' Jacen said hoarsely as he sheathed his sword and walked to the fort, all around soldiers unpacked boxes, drilled, and ate, showing no signs of slowing down.
When he walked in four people were standing over a holo map: General Prother, leader of the military in a fresh pressed uniform, Battalion Commander Xoln in dented blue and yellow tech armor and Guardian Nato in a Grungy grey shirt and black pants.
The other figure Jacen knew all to well, Cimara, the only person that Jacen ever loved, without the lightning staff and rifle slung over her shoulder Jacen had no doubt people would think she was some kind of model instead of a soldier fighting a war.
He smelled her familiar scent of cinnamon which betrayed the stench of gun powder and death, her purple eyes defused the situation perfectly. "Where's Blazer' Nato asked. "He didn't make it' Jacen said blatenly, everyone bowed their heads in mock prayer and then Cimara said calmly " well at least you were able to make it out in one piece.'
General Prother stepped in " The reason we called you three is because we have found the main base where the Haltas leader Brakzev is leading his forces. We want you dropping in with a task force while the rest of the army fights on the ground' "the point of this is to eliminate Brakzev and end the war' Jacen felt a lump in his throat, if they killed Brakzev then the war would be over. He could lead a normal life, a good one. "Yes sir.' They all said. Commander Xoln showed them to their troop transports and in what seemed like mere minutes had them over the outpost. Jacen grabbed a jetpack and shrugged of any doubts as the drop bay opened. Jacen, Cimara, and Nato jumped out of the bay with the other soldiers, and fell towards the outpost; using their jets to land on the roof at the last second.
Haltas soldiers waited for them and pretty soon an all out brawl began, Nato unsheathed his ice knives and set to work while Jacen and Cimara pulled out their weapons. Soon the roof was clear and the task force moved into a long hallway. They rounded a corner and came face to face with Haltas honors guards covered in silver armor