Wow I just noticed that I haven't written a journal in a while. How's everyone doing? I'm great.

I've been keeping busy. So since my last journal I had a great Christmas (got a 3DS that I've been addicted to ever since), Had a nice calm New Year's, Had an awesome road trip to Florida to meet up with some great people from this site, got the chance to go to Didney Wurl and Universal Studios (I want to live in the Harry Potter world and drink butter bear til I die), and I'm in a relationship with someone that makes me really happy and who I would've never met if it wasn't for Rooster Teeth.

I've been on this site for 3 years now, and with every year it gets better and better. The amount of love and support see from this community makes me super happy to be a part of it. I love every single one of my friends here and I'd be lost and completely bored without y'all. I wish I could say that I'll be seeing you guys at RTX but I'm not able to go this year. I'll miss it but I'll be there next year!