So out of the four text books that I purchased for the semester, two of them were rentals and the other two I had to purchase full price and they were brand new.

Today is the final day of classes and I had to return my two rentals, and I brought the other two as well to sell them back to store to get some money... now these two books that I purchased at full price were brand spanking new. Our professor never made us use the books at all. So they've been sitting on my dresser collecting dust. I handed him my two books and he scanned the first one, which was $16.95, and he looked back at me and said, "We'll buy this back for $.25 cents." Twenty five fucking cents.

Then he looked at my other book and said, "I don't even think we're accepting this one anymore." he scanned it and sure as shit they wouldn't buy it back. But my professor said she teaches the course every semester,and I looked behind him and I saw the same books that I was trying to sell on the same shelf where I picked mine up just a few months prior.

These two books in total were around $35.00 with tax, and they would only give me $.25 cents for just one. Now I know in the whole scheme of things this amount for books is nothing in comparison to what other students have to pay on books. But it's just the principal of the matter that really bugs me. They couldn't of even offered me like $10.00 for just the one?! For such a low price the guy should of just said they weren't accepting either book.

Fucking college.