I'm sorry but i need to rant. I know around 30 days and i'm done. Around 30 days and i am done. I keep telling myself this cause nothing is as bad as this insufferable hell, i keep telling myself around 30 days and i never ever have to deal with these people ever again.

What i am getting to is i have an online class and in this online class the professor refuses to help me at all. What do i mean by that? I have asked him repeatedly offered to pay him, every single time he has refused to either explain how to do the work as well as refusing to call me as well as refusing to meet with me physically as well as refusing to meet with me via online to show me how to handle the work. His only answer every single time is for me to just look things up online. Basically telling me to go do his job for him so he can be fed money as i do all the work he's being paid to do.
I despise designing animation i can't stand it and frankly i can't stand any kind of work where i am never taught how to do it and just expected to magically figure it out on my own.

Oh and to make matters worse, the teacher keeps constantly giving me 0s on each assignment. He refuses to acknowledge the actual work i do and just gives me a 0 demanding "Do it again, no i didn't like it how you did it that time, do it again for me! Please your god and feed me money!"

If you think i can complain about this corrupt jerk off HAH! My school wouldn't give a shit, he's an online professor so what the hell do they care?? So long as they don't have to do any work then it doesn't matter to them if an online professor just sleeps all day and night never doing his job all they care about is not having to get involved

i have a near 4.0 GPA which is going to get fucked down into probably a 3.0 all because of one fat asshole who doesn't give a shit about his job and is forcing everyone else to do his job for him. I mean i just..

28 more days and i am free and dont ever have to deal with this shit ever again. 28 more days..............

You know its ironic when the WEB CODING TEACHER actually sympathizes with me, agrees with me and likes me more. Web coding. The subject for me that is like Math, the bane of my existence and yet this guy supports me over my corrupt Cesear like animation teacher.