The other day I got an email from Barbara saying our panel was approved for RTX! As more panel approvals are rolling out, I'd just like to say I did not expect this. We applied for RTX 13, got denied; RTX 14 (secretly) got denied; and amazingly got approved for this year! We don't know just when or what building we'll be in but I am so excited to do this panel with my Country of Offline girls Jaks, and Tessa. I hope that if you are going to RTX that you will attend our panel and we are going to plan some more streams before then.

Please leave suggestions for what we should do at out panel and how to get YOU involved too! I was thinking about having Jetly (our official artist) make another design for a tshirt so I could buy some and give them to some people attending our panel- having all the panelists sign it (and if Jetly can't make it, he can sign the print he puts on the shirt, like his own printed signature!).

If you don't know what Country of Offline is- we started out as a group of girls who met in a Mikecast chat. Mike Kroon would stream his Yu-Gi-Oh playing or other games. There were only three girls in the chat and we decided to "take over" when he wasn't there. We called it the Country of Offline- since we would wait hours before his stream to reserve our spot because of the 50 Viewer limit. We started to stream too, mostly telling stories, photoshops, and some computer games. We had special guests from the RT/AH crew and then people from the community. We looked to build friendships, and we did. I hope we helped you add some friends to your life!