Hey everybody its me, and im really upset
So im having my Graduation Party tomorrow and i asked a whole bunch of my friends to come. Two had work and the rest "said" they had work or were doing something else. Well when i saw a SnapChat from my friend, she and all my other friends were at someone else's, another friend of mines party who didnt invite me to his. In the video portion they said how they werent working the WHOLE week, im so SICK of people bullshitting me, lying to me, thinking im not worth shit. Im glad i have this community who cares about me, but im sad cause none of them live near me or else id invite everyone who im friends with on here. I cant believe that ive spent years with these people and it never meant shit, im always the guy people forget, ignore, and leave out in the cold. One day im gonna make something of myself so I can show them i am worth something, something more than they could have ever thought. But until then im just gonna be here, by myself like always, with my friends in this community, and the backstabbers in the town I live in, Hope everyone has a good rest of their day.
Peter :(