smiley13.gif Just bought my train tickets and badge for Otakon!


It'll be my first time there! I'm travelling and rooming this girl Sally who went to high school with me + her squad. I didn't even know she was into anime until she commented on my instagram photo saying she has space in her hotel room. She's also been to the con before so she can help me get around. What luck!
I'm planning on bringing Ruby Rose, Kanaya Maryam, Rainbow Dash, Weiss Schnee (provided I finish her in time), and a Doctor Who themed outfit in case something goes wrong with a cosplay / I get lazy. We'll also be bringing a lot of ramen and mountain dew to keep in our hotel room to save money on food :P

smiley13.gif I bought a sewing pattern for Weiss' jacket and a zipper for the skirt, which means I have all the parts of the cosplay. I just need to assemble them and I hope to have that done in a couple weeks, a month max.

smiley13.gif I'm attending a Phillystuck meetup this weekend! The theme is Promstuck which means everyone will be in cosplay and have fancy outfits on! I'm super excited to go to a meetup again and my photographer friend Joe is tagging along which means I'll actually have good cosplay pics! It's gonna be SUPER hot tho so I'm bringing a parasol, some ice cold water, and a personal fan.

smiley13.gif There's a RT Philly meetup on the 27th and it's just gonna be a hangout in center city. I'm so excited for some lowkey RT bonding. I maaay wear my weiss wig just for fun? Probably just the short white part and not the ponytail cuz that's a real hassle. Or maybe my mint curly wig. (I'm trying to develop the courage to wear wigs in public).

smiley13.gif I may be able to attend Nekocon depending on how much money I have after Otakon. It's significantly cheaper and my friend Andrew said he'd save me a spot in his hotel room until I know if I can go or not. It'd be super cool cuz it's the weekend before my birthday but idk if band will interrupt with it at all. We'll just put a pin in that con and come back to it later

It's so great to have time and money to participate in fandom things again! I absolutely cannot wait for any of these events