I will keep this short but i just got back from seeing Jurassic World. The entire theater was so crowded that it was double how busy it was seeing the Avengers. It was so crowded that every single seat was occupied and being slightly claustrophobic, i felt extremely uncomfortable being surrounded by sweaty men with the air conditioning no where near high enough and was sweating a bit.

I'll try to avoid spoilers as best as i can but might have to add spoiler tags here and there

Overall in short Spielberg has redeemed himself for Jurassic Park 2 and 3, we can officially pretend those movies never happened as this movie fully redeemed itself and normally ia m extremely hostile to CGI poon of just ass loads of CGI shoved down your throat but i can make an exception here.

Overall i loved the second half of the movie and it was the second half of this movie that really made me like this movie at all

Throughout the first half of the film a major issue i had was how unbelievably stupid people acted. You could tell what was going from a mile away, it was so insanely obvious that only a blind person could not see what was happening and even then i think a blind person could have seen what was going to happen. To quote the Simpsons movie:
"No no mice are too smart to be tricked like this, your more like... carrots"
and thats what it felt like, something that was so unbelievably stupid that only a brain dead husk would not see what was about to happen


The second half of the movie though is amazing and might as well be giving a giant middle finger to Jurassic Park 2 and 3
Admitedly the movie also uses an idea from a book series i love so i had to give it major props for that but it did it in a way to become even better than what the book series did

Overall i do not think it was anywhere near worth the hype, overall i do not think this movie is anywhere near worth how people treat it to be.
the second half of the movie nails it so damn hard. Chris Pratt and the dinosaurs are the ONLY reason worth seeing this film and its the first time i felt like i could understand how the dinosaurs feel like and relate with them instead of just the "durrr anything not human is dumb and are thus animals, we humans super smart everything else is just dumb" so i was glad to finally see a Jurassic Park film treating dinosaurs with intelligence And you can actually feel sorry for them and sympathize with them

I would recommend this film but i would not say it's worth waiting in some giant endless packed crowd. Maybe wait a few days or week cause it's worth seeing but not worth going through all kinds of hell for this film

and speaking of movies having to make up for the horrible ungodly films of theirs in the past, i believe Terminator is up next and then Star Wars? Haha XD