I am writing this now as a warning and so when (if it does) it happens, no one can say i didn't predict this.

Battlefront swept everyone away at the EA press conference when it showed gameplay footage and it blew everyone away but what some people may not have realized was this gameplay was only for multiplayer. As in the way everyone plays Battlefront, is only available if you play it online and by that logic you will no longer have A.I allies, only human players and are thus basically playing Battlefield but in Star Wars

EA went on record previously explaining many times how this game will not have a campaign.

So that leaves only split screen which EA did admit would be available in missions.
I at first thought that would be like "Instant Action' in the old games where you choose a map and then two armies wage all out war against each other.
Apparently i was dead wrong as EA went on during PS4's conference to admit what missions truly are:


If you watched the video then you'd notice that these 'missions' are only several minutes long where you kill some enemies, do some dinkle spark objective and you win the end. In short it is like doing a single side mission in Destiny, it is like a single level in ME 3 but once u do that then your done and you have to restart

Unless there is some rare hidden mission allowing you to play as you do in the original Battlefront games, this game will literally have no replayability to it except the Battlefield fanboys and thats the problem. See i've been with Battlefront since the beginning and the franchise was never just Battlefield in Star Wars. In fact both Battlefront games had one of the lowest multiplayer counts ever seen, it was near non existent because people played those games for the story and instant action. It was like playing an RTS but being a part of it and not having to deal with all of multiplayers bullshit

I apologize to everyone if i am raining on your parade but after what they revealed at Sony's conference, i estimate a 85% to 90% chance this game will get a massive amount of returns. I personally will Not be buying this game UNLESS i see Star Wars Battlefront 1/ and 2 style Instant Action gameplay otherwise i won't buy it as i know i'd merely sell it like a day later. I write this journal not as a rant nor to cause problems but as a warning, i highly suspect EA is just turning this into Battlefield online but now with a Star Wars paint job over it, knowing everyone will be suckered in by the Star Wars paint job