Trigger Warning: If you're going to dislike this like an anonymous coward turn back now! You will be blocked

I apologise for voicing my opinions and putting myself out there on the internet! I thought this was a safe place! Im sorry i dont fit your perfect ideals of "attractive". Now can I live in peace? No of course not. So let me ask you of something.

When you downvote, that pimpled face, bright eyed, teenager, think to yourself..... How do they feel!?. Maybe that kid has PTSD or Autism or ADHD or Clinical Depression or OCD or Smallpox.

Well.. thought about it? Yeah well it might urge you to know that I have all those!. (self diagnosed) Yeah i check my weight everyday, yeah i try and eat healthy. My phone is filled with billions of photos of myself and it takes me 5 minutes to choose one that actually looks good! Because you know what? It takes alot of courage to put myself out there on the internet. On what people have said is this "great community." Maybe i should just stop posting photos on here, i'll just leave it where it belongs... on fb, twitter and instagram, at people on THOSE websites dont judge me. I always look at my photos upvotes and love it when people compliment me, which is usually always, i love to see that thumbs up, go +1 and +1... but my heart absolutely shatters when it goes -1... how could they? When I was in the 8th grade, the boy I liked called me ugly. This scarred me for life and I now have PTSD because of this traumatic incident. (self diagnosed). This is CYBER BULLYING people![/b]

People just say stop looking at the votes, ignore it. But how can I, then i wont know how many people think im smoking hot!

But enough about me, how do you feel now? Reading this, you? The one downvoting, dont you feel bad? Confirming all criticisms a poor helpless teen have thought about themselves day in and day out? A Teen who obviously does not like to be criticised and put himself out there? Do you?

This needs to stop!

Hahaa i dont even care about negmods anymore, i just think its funny that people are so sad that they actually take the effort just to downvote me.. i feel so special hahaha lol

Has your mother ever told you "when you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all?" yeah do that. If you disagree with someone, just scroll past, dont say anything, dont spark discussion, and DONT press the dreaded thumbs down... Because you never know.. it just might trigger someones PTSD.... God i soo wish that button was gone haha. anyway im rambling. Cant we all just be positive?

Do I get free Karma now?