So how about them video games? I really liked that one that look super pretty. You know the one, you all saw it.

In all seriousness, what was your favorite game shown off at an E3 conference this year? ...alright, before you all say "FALLOUT 4 OMFG IM GONNA PEE ALL MY PANTS TODD HOWARD IS JESUS REINCARNATED," let's just go ahead and remove that baby from the equation. We all saw it, we all know it looks really, really good. But there were tons of really exciting titles revealed or demoed this year, and I'd like a little more variance in these responses.

Personally, I think I have to give it to Star Fox Zero. Star Fox 64 is a game I have incredibly fond memories of playing as a child, and I've been waiting for a new installment in the series for years. Zero looks like an awesome continuation of a game I love, and it's reassuring to have Miyamoto and the team at Platinum Games behind it. I also really enjoyed what we saw of Doom, Gears 4, Tacoma, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Mirror's Edge Catalyst, just to name a few.

So, what got you amped coming out of E3 this year?