If you ever get the chance to have a wreck in a 3/4 ton pickup pulling a quite well loaded 20 ft goose neck behind you ending in a ditch... I would say, look at the person offering give them the biggest middle finger you can give a person and say "Fuck off!". Because it is not near as much fun as it sounds.

Also in a related note that happening means no more RTX this year, already sadly said bye to my passes but now I've got two one RT SideQuest very lovely All-Access Badges that I'm to far past the purchase date to have refunded. So as sad as I am to see them go as it firmly seals the fate but a new work truck must be bought so, gonna ask face value and go $110 for each because that is only fair. Also ask the people to have one hell of a good time and help raise money for a great cause! If interested just shoot me a message on here and once payment has gone through I'll get with @GB330033 and get them transferred.

Both badges are gone and thanks to GB330033 for the help! Hope everyone has a safe trip and a good time!