Recently, I made the decision that I'd like to do pseudo-podcast/Let's Play style videos with video games and some of my more exuberant friends.
If you know me at all, as several of you from the RT MN crew do, then you know that gaming with me can get nuts (on a side note, at your next Halo LAN party, try 300% speed, 50% gravity, Rocket Launchers and Energy Swords with infinite ammo, all in a Slayer Free-for-All in Valhalla or Ragnarok. You're welcome).

Anyway, I feel like it would be a fun thing to do, whether it takes off or not, and it would give me some good, general editing experience.

Onto the vague proposal:
One thing that I know I want is to incorporate community input. I want this "series" (for lack of a better term) to include a wide variety of gimmicks and unique challenges within the video games that we will play. And by this idea, I want to take any and all suggestions from people, whether they intend to watch my videos or not.
So, if you have any ideas for a game that you like to watch videos of, or suggestions on crazy/bizarre/unique/funny things to do within any games, please feel free to pitch them to me here, in a message, on Facebook or wherever.

Also, if you want to get in on this action, please message me. It would be fun to get an ensemble of sorts to help create and promote our antics. So you've thought about trying this type of thing out, whether as pre-recorded videos or live streaming with a friend, definitely hit me up!