Played a really cool game called Guess A Sketch today with a bunch of Rooster Speak friends, and it was hilarious fun. It's like Pictionary, Draw My Thing, or Draw Something, where you get into a game and one person draws while the others compete to guess what it is. Oh my gosh, I highly recommend you play sometime!

I didn't draw these, but I was able to snap a quick screenshot. Here were some of the memorable parts from tonight:

This one I got while it was still being drawn, so it's incomplete. The black line was about to point to that part of the figure with the words "Sound it makes" written below:

For this one, the pink/red shape is the word that needed to be guessed:


Can you guess what they are?

Love and hugs,
smiley12.gif Warpek


First image:

Second image:
Mink Coat