's been a minute.

First, I will be at RTX 2015! Running around as media again, and I'm hoping to be more social...and less awkward. If you want to meet me, I damn sure want to meet you. I will be busy during the vent, but should be free-ish after.

Next, life update. It's been a little under three months since I started my current job. I do not have the abundance of computer access, downtime, that I had with my previous employment. Being in chat, forums, etc have taken a necessary backseat. The new job is putting a bit of a strain on myself, stacked on other life shiz, so haven't logged on too much during my free time. I'm looking to change that a bit.

So that's this rough, and not well thought out, journal. The plane tickets with hotel is booked, ticket is confirmed, and cannot wait to party around Austin in August.