There's been some interest in spreadsheeting in a couple of forums recently, which has more than once sidetracked into the way I generate bbcode in certain situations. So here it is... I present, first of all, the sheet that generates the Achievement images for the Jalnor Achievements.


I tealed out the ones that haven't yet been scored by anyone because no spoilers here! :-p but that's how it looks... 10 out of 41 have been revealed - some of you need to up your game smiley8.gif Others, specifically the zero-scorers, should probably never get earned. But they probably will.
I've also left the formula bar in so that you can get an idea of how I generate the links.

This, on the other hand, is the great mess that generates the journal for the Achievements:


The font is at size 8 so that it all fits on one screen and is at least mostly visible. The eagle-eyed might spot the twin replications of an error on another page, which has since been corrected. The scorekeeper was pulling the score for Glorious Detection from the wrong cell, giving someone a higher score than he actually had. Also, when two people in the top 5 have the same score, I have to manually edit that before posting, as the spreadsheet's current form just can't handle identical scores in the top 5. I need to fix that.
(My solution for the same problem in simultaneous Achieving is that I put them one second apart)
Again, you can see how I generate some of that, thanks to the formula bar.

Anything you'd alter? I'm always happy to take suggestions. I'm also happy for you to borrow elements of my formula coding if you see something useful.