Murder is afoot at the Rooster Teeth Expo... and it's your job to crack the case! As an official agent of the Rooster Teeth Detective Squad, you've been tasked with investigating the crime and unearthing the conspiracy. Welcome...
to Murder at the RTX!

A combination of immersive set design and innovative tech, Murder is a narrative-driven experience that's quite unlike anything else. After receiving a call from fiery department chief Heyman, detectives are dropped into a live, fully-realized crime scene to hunt for clues. But they won't be empty-handed: the department has issued all agents the official Detective Tool app -- perfect for scanning evidence, tracking suspects, and providing Augmented Reality assistance.


And what starts as an open-and-shut case soon becomes a sprawling investigation -- filled with shady characters and twisty intrigue -- that takes detectives across the entire convention and beyond!

Come solve the murder August 7-9th at RTX 2015.

You will need an iOS 8 enabled device (iPhone 4S-6) to get the full experience. That gives you one month to steal your brother's iPhone, or convince an enabled friend to join your detective team.

JULY 20th UPDATE: Android/Windows Phone user? We've found a workaround to get you on the case! Simply download a QR code reader and report to the crime scene. As this version excludes some functionality, including augmented reality, an iOS 8 phone is still the recommended device for the full immersive experience.

More details to come from @RTXevent and @SixRomeo. #MurderAtRTX

* Murder at the RTX is also coming to RTX Australia next year with its own unique story. We'll release more details for that specific event later in the year.