Over the past week I've been working on a video project I've wanted to do for awhile. I've been making videos for awhile but never have I had something I would happily add to a portfolio of work. Considering all the content I edit used footage shot in game. And the majority of it relied either on the commentary or the thing inside the game (e.g. a build in Minecraft).

When playing a game I love finding all collectibles and such, so I watch a lot of guides. But have always wanted to make one for a game where you can navigate within the guide to find exactly what you want. A guide that doesn't rely on commentary, but more on an interface that worked with YouTube's annotations.

With Yoshi's Woolly World being released and how fun that game is I decided this will be the game I would make my guide for. Each level has 45 collectibles, I ripped the graphics from the pause menu to make an interface, then worked my way round from there. I am quite happy with the final product and have uploaded the first nine levels (world one of the game) to see what people think. If you could check it out and give feedback I will be more than grateful.

A link to the playlist can be found here.
The things that I changed and would like opinions on are;
The skip button at the start.
The transition when entering/exiting levels (removal of loading screens).
The interface.
The display of the different coloured Yoshi's at the end of each level.
The outro slates.

Thank you, have a great day smiley12.gif