It's been about a year since I've made a life updates kind of journal. And it's been legitimately the busiest, craziest year of my life. Sooo.. I think it's about time I made one.

Here are the highlights... in mostly chronological order. And extremely pic-heavy.

Last we chatted in detail, I had just moved to Savannah, GA with my then-fiance, @drewofdoom, and we had just bought a house.

We have since settled into said house, and have been loving it. We've been slowly remodeling little things here and there to our liking. For the majority, though, the house is pretty perfect for us, so there's not a whole lot we need to do to it. So far we've done things like built huge shelves out of industrial pipe and shelf wood (this is my toy shelf. that's not even close to all of my toys) -


and painting gigantic argyle-style chalkboard diamonds in our kitchen -


These diamonds are now completely covered in chalk graffiti.. mostly from half the internet visiting us over the past year. The next journal you see from me will probably be pics of that.

We also remodeled our entire home office since we both work from home.

We've spent a lot of time exploring the city. Especially the beach..


Then I got an awesome tattoo of a mechanical octopus..


Shortly after that, we were getting ready to get married.. and then my wisdom teeth waged a violent attack on the molars next to them. I was in so much pain, I couldn't even hear out of one ear. So I had to have emergency oral surgery four days before my wedding. I'm still a little annoyed at how swollen my face looks in the wedding pics, but I'll eventually get over it.



Here's an album of the event in various stages. We didn't hire a photographer, so these photos are pulled from various people who volunteered to take pictures and friends' social streams. There are a LOT of rooster teeth friends in those photos. Both @fnvicky and @cyanophobia were lovely and gracious enough to agree to be my bridesmaids.

The day after our wedding, @kickcows and I went down and got tattoos. I got a mechanical jellyfish to go with my octopus (here are the two of them together.. though they're on different shoulders)-


A couple weeks after our wedding was Halloween. We turned our house into a Monster House -


Drew and I went as Agent Skully and Agent Molder (not typos). Pics here.

As you may recall, I had two bunnies, Omar and McNulty. McNulty was a very young bunny (not even a year old at this time), but always had health problems. Around Halloween, he unexpectedly passed away. Here are pics of his cuteness for those interested.

Omar mourned him pretty hard. We had actually planned on getting them a girl bunny friend when McNulty unexpectedly passed, so when we went to pick her up (two days afterwards), we went ahead and got two girl buns, Ghost and Ramona (pls excuse the bunny poops, they weren't litter-trained at the time).

Skipping ahead a little bit to December.. NASA selected me to go down to the Kennedy Space Center, and attend a Space-X launch, then write stuff about it on the internets. Unfortunately, the launch was canceled, but I did get to attend the homecoming press conference for the Orion spacecraft. Here's the writeup on that -

In the beginning of the year, my brain was pretty fried from all the goings-on, so I took it easy for a couple of months.. spent time working on the house. Bonding our bunnies. Hanging with my husband. Playing video games.. that kind of stuff. Oh, and I went blonde in this time (see profile pic).

Then in May, the husbae and I drove down to Orlando to meet up with @Amber and her awesome new husband for some Universal Studios fun. @Psycholagny got to join us briefly, too. For some stupid reason, we forgot to take a group pic of this, so here's a picture of Hogwarts -


It was a busy few weekends for a while there - local weddings to go to, visits from friends (including a visit from @dopp and @doppsgrl).

Then something crazy happened... Some time in March, I casually entered a contest put on by Starbreeze/Overkill studios (dudes that make the PayDay games). All it involved was sending them one, little tweet. The contest wasn't even confirmed to happen during the time that you had to send the tweet, but I went ahead and did it. And very surprisingly, out of nowhere, I started getting messages from them on twitter in early June. I had won the contest, and they were going to fly me out to Los Angeles the following weekend to attend the Pre-E3 Launch Party for the Walking Dead game.

It was fucking amazing. There's a whole write-up about it here -

And because this pic isn't in the article (mostly because of the terrible lighting in it), here's a selfie with Almir Listo -


During that trip, I got to meet up with @finchlynch, @kickcows, and one anonymous, awesome person.. and this time we remembered to take a picture -


After I got home, I got a random call from my bunnies' vet. It's quite the story, but a long one.. so here's Tom the Bunny's story -

Things have now settled down for a couple weeks. I turn 31 at the end of the month, and have more adventures planned for the near future.

And that's all I have for you right now. I hope you're all doing awesomely! smiley12.gif