So with the new site coming to a close I figured it's my turn to make the obligatory "Goodbye old site" post. But I'm gonna do my best to keep it short and your mum. Nailed it. I haven't been on the site very long, my account isn't even 2 years old and I've only been talking to people on this site for like 5 months. However in that short space of time I've made some cool friends and talked to some awesome people along the way and for that, I'm thankful. So although I can't say I've been here from the start, I do plan to be in this for the long haul because I want to continue this journey and the new site is simply the next big step. As for the aforementioned awesome people I've been talking to, I'll see you on the other site. Get it? Because instead of "side" I said si- Ah fucking forget it.

So much for keeping it short.

Anyway, goodbye old site, it's been a pleasure. smiley13.gif