The code behind this site is soon to be no more. It's been good... the site has had patches and cosmetic changes and whole functional changeovers in its years, but it's been the same turn-of-the-millennium code under the bonnet all along. As Adam has written of his development predecessors, it's not that they did things badly... it's more that they were among the first to do these things. They had no best practice guides, no examples to follow. They heard what Rooster Teeth wanted built and they found some way - any way - to make it work.
I've been here more than nine years. I was among those who were displeased when the current site version was released; in fact, the version before this had me annoyed enough to make a meme image that got deleted by an unnamed admin who disagreed. It seemed to me they were dropping the things I most cared about and making the site less pretty and less user-friendly. But I stuck with it. Like I said, I've been here more than nine years.

That said, I won't miss the current code. I won't miss the Forum Yeti, the many quirks of the site that make it not so much an old friend as a comfortable arch nemesis, with whom I wrestle daily to do the things I do with the people I know here. I'm sure I'll miss elements of the layout, especially as I'm still getting used to Version Two and several things are disappearing. But I understand that it's for the better. They can't keep propping up unstable code with the software equivalent of a stick and a bit of duct tape. Sooner or later, something's going to snap and bring the whole thing crashing down - and, given that the migration is happening before Adam's entirely comfortable with the new site being ready... my guess is that their money's on sooner.
I'll miss my own little rooms (and the rooms I share with others) in the house that this site has become. But I'm looking forward to enjoying the comfortable shiny of my new rooms in the new house. We're bringing plenty of the furniture with us - I'll be asleep in my bed when we move - so it should still feel like home... and I've already done some decorating. So here's to a new beginning.

And let's not forget the years of hard work that have gone into making our new home. The effort, headaches and probably tears that have been involved in the heroic efforts of Adam and his team, without whom we'd have lost our community long ago. We owe these guys a lot.

So turn off the lights on your way out and let's prepare tomorrow's housewarming party.