I do not live a life, only describe one.
The heavens and all hells are left, to make is own judgment.
potraying, life and death, good and bad, light and dark, joy and sarrow, redemption and salvation.
Givin this i make my life a living hell from what i can not leave, to see my life before this i cry for help.
Y god Y I say over and over, does death fallow me every where i go, and do. To see my life back to old, is all i ask for.
this is a emotional turning point, to see family, friends, and loved one die infront of my eyes, i cry for sarrow and help.
Then as I look at head stone i see my name, Davinn Ray Donnell in large, bold, black wording, as i stare with a blank face, i notice a black rose. rotting away on my grave. to me i was alive but now i know im dead.