this is out to a friend, Nickie.
Y u, Y me, as we sit and talk, i see u cry, i turn to u, and i try to confort u from harm, as i reach u get far from me and as i see what is going on i run for u, but u just get farther and farther, now as i cry for u, i count the tears, 1 for each time i missed u, i dont stop crying for u are whom i miss, then i see your face in my dreams, u are smilling, when i see that u are smilling it make me happy, then as i wake up i know its only a dream.
As i walk in the street i feel empty, for i do not see at all, with all my might i try not to cry, but i fall to the ground crying for your heart, then as a a figure come over me, i look and see u there with your hand out to help, and as i reach for it, it fads away, then i knew its not real, as i get up to walk i feel a hug and as i turn i see u there hugging, happy u are, happy i am.
By davinn Donnell