2 days to Reading Festival and its raining. Quite a bit. Awesome. What would a english rock festival be without rain, mud and music. Setting up the tents tommorrow should be a laugh, how exactly do you pin somthing down to mud?

The plan so far is for one car,4 guys and all the tents (i think there will be about 8 tents) go down to the site for 8am tommorrow morning and we get all the tents set up in a mini village type of thing in a good spot. The rest of the day will be spent getting the rest of the group down to the site with all the supplies we will need.

Its stupid how much ive been looking forward to this festival. Im trying not to get too excited just in case its not as good as last years but im easily pleased so im sure it will be great.

Another highlight from last years gig was while Ash were playing on the main stage. About half way throught the set Har Mar Superstar got on to the stage and started to strip. This might be a bit small but heres a pic of it

edit: pic wouldnt work so heres a link

Har Mar[\link]

He left his pants on but danced around the stage and started "waggling" behind the bassist. It was so funny, Ash were still playing the song while all this was going on, it was great.

On sunday 50 cent was playing on the main stage. Now fair enough 50 cent is a big enough name to be put on the main stage, but it seems a bit of an oversight to out him inbetween Placebo and Greenday? Thats just asking for trouble. Why put 50 cent on the main rock stage? So placebo finish and theres the wait while they sort out the stage and a big crowd and been forming all day. Last day of the gig and everyone wants to get a good spot in the crowd for green day. His intro starts a few bottles go flying through the the air. Then a few more, and more and more. I was stood to one side of the stage and all you could see was a constant arc of bottles. when 50 cents intro finnaly finshed and he came out on stage he had with him a a trolley full of powerade bottles. He had played in leeds tonights before and he had been bottled then so this time he had his own ammo.


He played for about 10 mins then left.

[link=http://www.stereoboard.com/artistnews/images/newsattach/adsf.JPG]Har mar