this is the last message that i will be writing for a very long time. i am going out to sea and i will not be returning to the known world of America that i am going to defend while in the Navy. so to you all, i will miss and love you, to RVB, i will, REALLY miss the videos, and if anyone will be so kind, i would love them sent to me when they are available. i will not have internet so i can not download. PLEASE send them to me. many sailors will be appreciative as i show them to all. we love what RVB does, and we defend the freedom to do it., so keep on keeping on. see you in half a year though the rummors are already extended. so i dont know when i will be back. ill miss you all, take care and write me with email at and please mail me the new RVB at
EM2 Quick, Paul, N
USS T. Roosevelt CVN-71
FPO-AE 09599-2871

take care and hope to hear from you soon.