My first week was pretty good. I don't really like my english teacher mostly because I don't like english. It's just so repetitive, you never learn anything new. It's pointless to have to do it so many years in a row. After 12 years I would like to think that most people would know how to structure a sentence. I almost just want to get a bad grade and half ass it to piss her off, but luckily for me I'm not that stubborn.Grades are more important to me than some point I would like to prove. I guess I will just argue on stuff that isn't graded so I don't have to worry. I just hope she is a good enough teacher to be unbiased on peoples opinions and not take it out on me in my grades. Oh on the funny side my friends think I have a stalker because of this guy in college who is kind of creepy and I'm not sure what to really think of it. I mean he is nice and all, but he is way older than me and one time he snuck up on me and it creeped me out. Your opinions on this subject would be really appreciated.