So its been a week and i finally feel fully recovered after the festival. Theres way too much that happened to get it all in here but ill tell you about the best bits.

It all started on the Thursday a bunch of us loaded up a car with 10 tents a headed down to the camp site at 7am. I live in reading so it was easy to get to the site in time for when the gates opened so we could get a good dry spot. We find a place quite close to the main entrance to the arena and set up our little tent village. Within an hour all 10 tents were up and more people started to turn up with supplies for the long weekend. For the rest of the day more and more people started to turn up and soon there was a really good atmosphere around the place. That night there were campfires all over the place and lots of people wandering and talking to strangers. Good times.

Friday the music started. The first band i saw was Goldie Looking Chain. For anyone out there that dont know who they are they are a welsh rap group. Probably their best known song is "Guns dont kill people, rappers do". With tongue firmly in cheek they played there set and it was a good start to the weekend. I spent the next few hours wondering the site, spending some time in the comedy tent and and seeing bands i didnt know as well.

Probably my favourite band of Friday was Queens of the Stone Age. They nearly had to pull out from the festival because of a knee injury but they played an awesome set. Songs old and new blasted over the crowd as the sun set on the festival. I spent a lot of the set in the middle of the crowd, trying to move from death circles and mosh pits to get as close to the stage as i could.

On the saturday we started with Biffy Clyro. I dont expect many people out there to have heard of this band but ive been following them for the last 6 years and i cant get enough of them. Ive only ever seen them play in pubs and small venues so seeing them on the main stage playing to a big crowd was a great experince. I had a bit of a gap where i just hung out with my friends and looked around some of the stalls. The next band was Razorlight. The drumer of this band is a friend of a friend and ive seen him around winchester so it was quiet sureal seeing him up on this big stage playing before the Kings of Leon. They made the stage there own making it look like one of their living rooms complete with sofas, lamps and potted plants. I hung around for the kings of leon and i have to say that before i thought that they were alright but im a bigger fan after seeing them play live. They have a good sound for live performances and some pretty funky guitars going on that i never really noticed in their music before. The night was finished off with the Foo Fighters. Anyone out there thats a Foos fan prepare to be very jealous. Because i wasnt really into the kings of leon before they played i was quiet far back in the crowd for the begging of the Foo Fighters but that didnt last long. With the use of those handy things called elbows i barged my way to the front of the crowd right in the middle of the stage. They played anthems from there entire back catalog of albums from a Dave Grohl only version of Everlong to Dave and Taylor swaping roles with Dave on the drums and Taylor on guitar and vocals for Cold Day in the Sun. Dave hadnt played the drums at Reading Festival for 13 years so it was nice to think i was there to experince that. They played to the crowd alot, heres a quote:

"Glastonbury is for smelly hippies, V is for the clean people, the fucking yuppies. The Reading festival is for dirty fucking rockers who come out to have a good time. Take it from your Uncle Dave, I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time."

I am a dirty rocker and it put a smile on my face to hear him say that. So they finish there set and i turn to leave. Something catches my eye and i see something fly over my shoulder and hands grabing for it. Its a drum stick. All the hands miss it and it falls to my feet. Everyone stands still not knowing quiet what to do. I move first and fall on the floor and grab it in one hand. The guy behind me is on my back with his legs around me trying to grab the stick out of my hand while another 4 people join in all trying to get at the stick. With some cunning use of other peoples legs i manage to keep a hold of it for at least another few seconds. If this was a move this would be the part where just as i thought i had it safe it would be swept from my hands and i would never see it again leading me into depressions and constant day dreams of what if i could have just held on a little longer. Luckily this isnt a film. That right folks not only do i now have a drum stick from the Foo Fighters, i have a drum stick from the Foo Fighters that Dave Grohl has used to play the Reading Festival which he hasnt done in 13 years. Funnily enough that put me in a good mood and went to bed with a big smile on my face after some partying around the camp fire.

I think thats enough for one journal entry now so ill put the last day and photos up in the next couple of days.