Finally, some sleep!

10 years ago

Alright, my faithful followers, I've finally found five fricking seconds in which to sleep, so I think it's time for me to turn that in to 12 hours or so. As I type this it's 8:46pm on friday, and I've been awake since about 7:00am on wednesday. That's right, I've been up for almost 62 hours, and by the time I finally get to sleep I'm sure the word 'almost' will be there no more.

Part of me is tempted to try to stick it out until midnight for the 65 hours I was originally predicting, and as long as I have stuff to do I could easily make it, but the rest of me knows how hazardous to my health that would be, considering just about every chemical balance in my body has been radically changed over the past three days.

And so I bid you all a fond adieu for the first time in three days. It's been fun updating my tale, I even added a section to my Strangerhood site, and I think I'm a cult leader now. Good night everyone.

--- Chris
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Comments (3)

  • wizardmon5


    10 years ago

    It's easy to tell that you've been up for how long you said you were. Sleeplessness generally makes for run-ons, eh?

    Anywho, since I'm a little late posting in here, I hope you got some good sleep, mate.

  • Honeybunz


    10 years ago

    Hope you slept well!!

  • TheSwmnCello


    10 years ago

    You deserved that sleep. Hope you enjoyed it...

    But now that you're awake and probably ready to slave away at your site... how's that flash game coming?