NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, actually that time I was answering your question!


No, no, nooooooo! City city city city city ****ty city, City city city city city ****ty city hall hall hall hall hall hall hall hall!

Not cool.

First, I upload one or two images.
Then I max out on great timages, earning a ton of mod points.
Then the server got borked and I lose all my images.


THEN I make do with my Marton Church, because I didn't back up the orginal images.
After many months (and on this snazy new site) I upload again.

*1 week later*

Server gets borjked-omfgpwned AGAIN and I lose everything again.

Now rooster teeth sent me an email saying they "<3" me so I can't blame them. I should blame god. First he makes hangovers, now half servers, half sharks that won't even back up my current avatar. Thanks for nothing god!

You know what?I ****ing hate you.

244 hate database maintenance accidents, but 244 love you.