Yea, sorry about that. I've had a hectic time while I try really hard to fail calculus. That and I happen to be secretary of the DPC and nominated to Homecoming Court and I work a normal business hour job...

...and oh, I have to get checked for CANCER.

Sorry to scare people, but I'm scared. The doctor said that 90% probability that that's not it. I don't have a history of it in my family, nor the lifestyle to promote it. But still, people get cancer for no good reason. If perfectly healthy 28-year-old athletes can fall over dead, then perfectly health almost-21-year-olds can get cancer.

So anywho, I go in for a pevlic ultrasound tomorrow morning (oh yea, and did I mention that the reason for all this is some weird pain in the region of my left OVARY) and then I'll get the results on Wednesday. I have to drink like 32 oz. of water beforehand and I can't pee. Something about a full bladder stays out of the way of the ultrasound...I dunno.

So please think some good thoughts for me, okay? I need a lot of support. It's a scary thought to think that A) I might have cancer, and B) If I have cancer and live through it, I may not be able to have kids. So good vibes, good karma, good whatever you want to call it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Love,
the Testosterone Junky