Hey guys, What's up? Well I have lots of new news for those of you who have time to read. First and most important my sister is home from Iraq! I'm so glad she made it back safely. Soon she will be down here and I will finally get to have my graduation. Plus we are going to go to the Death Cab for Cutie concert. I have waited so long for them to come to AZ. The funny thing is the concert is on my ex-boyfriend's birthday, wierd huh. What else.. Oh! I went to the Weezer/Foo Fighters/Kaiser Chiefs concert which we so awesome, by the way. All the bands were really cool to see. Weezer let a girl get up on stage and play with them, I was so jealous. It's not like I can play, but that is beside the point. Foo Fighters were really loud, but good. They played alot of their hits so I was able to sing along through most of it. I felt bad for the Kaiser Chiefs. It just didn't seem like very many people knew who they were. Last but not least, we have another addition to our family at my house. She goes to my church and was living with her sister. Some bad stuff happened to her sister and they had to leave their house. We are letting her live here until whenever. I'm so happy, she is really cool and fun to have around since my sister left. She is almost like another older sister. That is it for now. I'll update you guys on any new stuff if it comes up. Lot of love to you all!