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Well, what am I doing at home on a Friday night? Why answering your questions, of course... let's get started.

Dear Mr. Ask A Canadian Guy,

Is it wrong for an American living in Buffalo and spending a lot of time in Canada to use the Canadian "eh"? Must I now try to obtain Canadian citizenship because I've picked up this speah quirk from my neighbors?

Now, my dear Oboe, we Canadians are a very giving people, you're more than welcome to use the 'eh'. Of course, this will put you in good stead with your fellow Americans because it's well known that everyone loves Canadians.

And onto the next question...

Dear Mr. Canadian Jewish Guy:

Do Jews in Canada also enjoy Chinese Food? If so, do they prefer Egg Rolls or Potstickers? I will understand if they don't go for the Pork Fried Rice.

And what about a nice chicken? Maybe with some potato kugel?

Excellent question, Elnea: It's universal, Jews everywhere enjoy Chinese food... oddly enough, Chinese jews really go for Thai. Among jews, the consensus is that you can't go wrong with a good egg roll.

Still more questions;

Ask A Jewish Dude:

Why can't you eat Bacon Cheeseburgers?

Firstly, Bacon is pork, which is a no-no for my peeps. Secondly, cheese and meat are not supposed to be eaten on the same dish because of the biblical phrase "A Goat shall not roast in its' mothers' milk." Now, where jews use different utensils for meat and dairy comes from a popular revelation around 900 that was known as "Making a fence around the torah." This means that because you're not suposed to buy anything on the sabbath, you can't carry your wallet around. And because you can't eat milk and meat together, it's better to have seperate utensils for both. Good answer, Thundera?

Still more;

Hey Mr. Canadian Guy,

How do you keep the rotten American air from border jumping and polluting all that wonderfully crisp, clean Canadian air?

Well Flash, sadly we can't, on behalf of all Canadians, Fuck You for ruining our air.

And just one more question;

I've got a question for you. Left handed? seriously dude, get with the winning team.

Sadly, GeekDr, it's well known that Tall, Jewish, Canadian, Left-Handed, Adopted Men make the best lovers, check out this month's New England Journal of Medicine for full results from their survey.