Well, thought I'd review a few things I'm reading/playing right now and I'd start off with the best.

Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys is simply put, the best novel I've had the pleasure of reading in a long time. Set in the same universe as American Gods, it follows a pair of brothers, sons of Mr. Nancy, who passes away in the first chapter, and becomes the impetus for the brothers who've never met before. I haven't finished i yet, but it's a book I wholeheartedly recommend. Nobody can craft a story like Mr. Gaiman, and if you're unfamiliar with any of his work, do yourself a favour and pick up anything from the Sandman comics to Neverwhere, or see Beowulf when the movies comes out.. he wrote the screenplay.

Now from the sublime to the ridiculous, I HAVE to review a couple of xbox games that I've been playing alot of recently. Evil Dead; Regeneration is a blast. You'll never find more fun for 30 bucks. Bruce Campbell is back to voice Ash, and a completely new character (a half-deadite midget named Sam) has been added and is voiced by... Ted Raimi. The banter between the two is great. The game is full of bonuses and extra's that you actually have to find by exploring the environment.

Like Fistfull of Boomstick (I want that back eventually, Thundera!) the targeting system sometimes fels a bit too easy, and I really dislike the fact that your guns have unlimited ammo. That being said, the sheer fun of gameplay makes up for all of that. There are some camera glitches but those are few and far between. Overall, I'd give the game 8.5 severed limbs out of 10.

Another game I've been playing alot is ESPN NHL 2k6. I've been really skeptical about the whole espn hockey series, especialyl since 2k5. Sadly, though EA has done nothing to earn my money for a hockey game, and this years' incarnation is stellar. There are alot of new innovations this year including line chemistry, enforcer/intimidation system and new deke controls.

The biggest plus about 2k6 is that gone are the name mis-pronouncing American announcers replaced with... Bob Cole and Harry Neale!! Now if you're familiar with their work, it's different to hear them not get as excited as they usually do, but it's three steps up nonetheless. The gameplay works as well as hockey this year does. Setting the game the way rules are now makes for a wide-open entertaining affair, and in the new roster upgrade, rookies like Crosby, Ovechkin, Jeff Carter and Alexander Steen should be available. Overall 7.5 flaming pucks out of 10, but I'm such a hard hockey fan to please, that is a great score.

Lewis Black is one of my favourite people period. I'd love to get the chance to meet him, just to sit back, have a beer and laugh at christians. His new book is called Nothing's Sacred, and when y6ou have praise from George Carlin saying "Lewis Black is a guy I'd pay to see" you have high praise indeed. Equal part biography and rant, I don't have enough adjectives to tell you what an incredible book this is. Get it... get it now!!

P.S. On SportsCentre tonight, they played Tom Cheek's top ten calls, and I'm not ashamed I was all teary-eyed before they even got to number 6.

P.P.S. Only 2 more journals until the friend heckle! Are you ready?

Edit; I am at the moment owning (powning, even!) the RvB fantasy league.