Alot of new stuff is going on in my life right now. It is quite exciting!

smiley9.gif My mini has finally been scheduled for production! Its week 43, so that means it will bu built sometime late in october. That means i should have the mini by mid december :)

smiley9.gif In a couple weeks, im going to go to the University of Michigan to check it out and to go property shopping to see what i may want to buy if and when i get into Mighigan.

smiley9.gif In a couple weeks (right after i get back from Michigan) im going to the Weezer, Foo Fighters Concert! It should be a blast. Im staying in a really nice hotel in Berkeley and then driving down to Oakland to get shot at before i find the Oakland Colleseum....

smiley9.gif My cellphone bill was $100 more than it should be this month because i went 400 minutes over normal amount. I owe it all to my new girlfriend who isn't "IN" grr smiley4.gif

Thats all i can think of right now... Anyways... Night all!