Freeloader base
FL1: I've been thinking. (beat)

FL2: About?

FL1: I dunno, that's what I'm thinking about.

FL2: You're thinking about what you're thinking about?

FL1: Pretty much. Yeah, I'd say that's right.

FL2: Well don't try too hard, don't wanna fall victim to a mental disorder.

FL1: Oh, that's no problem. My mom already told me I have one.

FL2: Then why am I still talking to you?!

FL1: Because the blue pterodactyl that calls himself Rudy is rollerskating on pancakes?

FL2: Goodbye.

FL1: (to self and whispering)...Rudy...where are you?

FL2: (walking) I think I'll go ask the Sponsors a question. Wait, why am I talking to myself? I didn't think he was contagious! (gets in warthog and arrives at Sponsor Base)

Sponsor Base
Sp1: Raise the drawbridge, a freeloader approaches. Hurry so he has to brave the wondrous dangers of the castle moat!

Sp2: Uh, "Sp1," we're done playing Dungeons and Dragons now.

Sp1: What are you talking about? And where is your mail and helm?

Sp3: We've been done for 15 minutes, you can drop it. Besides, what good will mail do? Give the dragon a papercut? We don't even have water to fill a moat.

FL2: (interrupting) Uh, hey guys.

Sp1: What do you want? Karma?

FL2: No.

Sp2: Money for sponsoring?

FL2: No.

Sp3: A girlfriend that you're unable to deflate?

FL2: Yes, but actually, I really came for--

Sp1: --(cutting off) A How To FAQ about making videos with Halo?

FL2: Huh? (beat) I mean, yeah. How did you know?

Sp1: It's written all over your face.

FL2: What? This visor is reflective.

Sp1: So it is. Fine, it was a lucky guess.

FL2: Great, so will you tell me how?

Sp3: Yes.

FL2: Now?

Sp3: No.

FL2: Now?

Sp3: Don't you want to savor the moments that you don't know everything? The times when the world is filled with wonder and your heart with curiosity? Don't you think you might be regret-filled once you know? Can't you wait a couple more years at least?

FL2: Come on, just tell me.

Sp2: Ok, we will. Next time.