ok get this shit, i got my fucking cell phone bill the other week. and the bill was like 200 plus $'s. the thing is i dont talk on it untill 9 o-clock at night cause its free right, well now i went to the cingular store today wit my dad and he found out a liitle fact about the night time shit. it turns out that they are ripping ppl off. see the thing is even if u do call someone at 9 they can still charge u for day time hours, cause the tower that they use to monoter ur mintes and shit and what time u call someone, is set to a diff time than our phones. so even if it says 9 on our phones, and it says 8:55 at the tower they will charge all the time u talked on the phone from 8:55 till ur done, in day time minutes and not the night time ones where it is free. so instead of it being free ur talking up a big bill. so the thing is u should wait till about 9:15 or 9:20 before u start talking to ppl, if u have the 9pm plan. and if u have the 7 pm one same thing. so please, pass this shit on, so no one else can get ripped off like i was. i had to pay 200 plus $'s for that bill when i shouldnt of had to. so again pass it on. thanx