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So everyone who hasn't gotten an email from me should get an email from someone else.

I wanted to talk about these things that you may have seen pop up as my Title or TheGame's... and it's slowly spreading.

Basically, WWBNJD is What Would BigNiceJohn Do? When you confront yourself with a touchy situation, think... What WouldbigNiceJohn Do?

Trouble at work? BNJ would simply smile and backstab his boss, getting promoted.

Trouble with relationships? It's simple... flirt and be a lovable dork. Ok, just flirt, people think flirting is cheesy, but that's only if you try to be serious about it, a smile never offends anyone.

Trouble meting people? WWBNJD?? The best pickup line is always "Hi"

So remember, the BNJ way is to be social, be funny, and never be afraid of making an idiot out of yourself for the betterment of all mankind.

Thank you all... have a good day.