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So, I was watching one of my favourite tv shows tonight, Sex, Toys & Chocolate (if you're not familiar with the show, they have 3 hot chicks and 3 good looking dudes talk about sex issues) and it's a special episode, there are 3 stunning lesbians and 3 straight girls talking about lesbian vs straight sex.

I've never seen or heard anything like it... I almost blushed.

Anyways, during the commercial beak, I flipped around and there was a documentary on about the Guys that won the X prize... I was so enraptured by that I missed the LAST 20 MINUTES OF LESBIAN SEX TALK!!!

So remember, no matter how cool I try to pretend to be (and I think I fool most of the people some of the time on that one). I'm stilla big geek who watches documentaries on airplanes going into space over sex.

That doesn't mean I'm a loser, it just means that my penis' IQ is higher than my brain's.