Its not often I decide to write a review something, I mean lets face it most reviewers are pompus jackasses who enjoy flaunting they're unorignal opinions around like a (insert meaningful similie here...I'm not a goddamn english major!) anyways I digress. The reason I'm writing this for the benifit of all mankind, thats right I'm being noble. Anyways after a night of heavy drinking err socializing, I sat down with my fellow floormates and they decided to watch a movie called scream 3. I've seen bad movies before, they piss me off they get me down but when I saw this part of my fucking soul died! I mean honestly I just sat there dumbfounded thinking this was all some sort of joke you know like scary movie. But it wasn't, it just kept going like a demented circus of bad acting and low production values with cameo's by porn stars (and even they weren't acting they're best!). Anyways to summarize my point avoid this movie at all costs, and if you do somehow get sealed in a room with poeple who are hell bent on viewing it you may want to consider gouging your eyes out or somthing (just a thought).

On a completly different note go see Serenity it is a movie that doesn't suck, - Consider my opnion flaunted