Wow, today sucked. To say the least, way too much drama for one person to handle. Having to deal with your best friend's infedelity, and then your brother's stupidity (which is immeasurable, wow how could one person screw up so badly)

In other events, while working on a Mod contest I had to search through some old links on my favorites list and found some really awesome videos. Here, for your enjoyment:

Forklift Fun- A safety Video
End of Ze World
Fishin' ain't so bad
Funny Mime Routine
Just an Awesome Video
Awesome Commercial

WARNING: The following puzzle will become so addicting that you may just lose your social life to its overtly geeky/nerdy qualities. Now don't say I didn't warn you...

The hardest puzle, but awsome. I did the older version, but it is comprised of the same types of clues. Expect to spend up to a few weeks/months on this one, unless you cheat, you work with at least one other person, or you are really talented: