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Firstly, I have a huge picture update of NEW STUFF courtesy of Tiana's pics of RvBTO and my party at The Abbey.

Now, something big going on right now is the crackdown on hazing in sports. Moe Mantha, coach of the Windsor Spitfires was suspended for 40 games for his actions in not culling hazing among his team, and for not stopping a fight in his practice.

Now, hazing IS NOT bullying. As a former bully myself, I realize that it may have a negative effect on some people, and well, in that case, cut it out.

Hazing, on the other hand is a completely different story. In high school, I was duct taped to a tree and left there overnight. The next day, I was the friggin' man because when they came to get me, I was sound asleep. Hazing, especially on a sports team creates a bond between teammates. People love to say that only the younger players get it, and that's absolutely true, but guess what, it's the young kids who turn into veterans and give it to the next crop.

Who of you has been in a locker-room situation (or dormitory) and no had something done from the steal your clothes while you're in the shower, to getting jammed in a locker?

It's innocuous and harmless, as long as the next group has a way to vent their frustrations. When I reached OAC, I was the first one to give the freshman crap (not literally, though). I already know most of the women are most likely going to disagree with the circle, but the circle completes itself, when you get older, you get as good as you got.

I honestly think that just cutting out hazing will end up being more dangerous than leaving it alone. Every kid that gets picked on wants to pick on someone else, I have never met anyone who is willing to just let themselves get pranked or hazed, knowing they won't get the chance to work over some other kids.

Hazing creates a bond between groups, because sooner or later, everyone has gone through the same crap, and can look back and if not laugh at it, at least talk about it. Hell, I've got a tape from the '96 baseball season that CHRONICLES how different teams haze rookies.

It's harmless fun, everyone has a good laugh, and it builds bonds in a highly competitive environment, creating that chemistry that every team needs to be successfull.