Well, the Expo was really fun, but it only reinforces my want for a snake, especially a kingsnake. My friend and I went through and looked at all of the reptiles in the building, and spent some time handling some ball pythons. This place had everything, breeding cages, pinkies (baby mice, used for feeding smaller snakes), every type of insect, chameleons, geckos, every type of snake, iguanas, tarantulas, chinchillas, sugar babies, large birds, turtles (Nature's D student), and many other things. I am definitely going to have to go next year if I don't have my snake by then, although I will probably get it long before then, or I might just order one from one of the breeders I talked to and liked. You could tell he was someone who knew what he was doing (especially by the fact on hand he had at his house well over 200 pythons, not including king snakes, corn snakes, milk snakes, rat snakes, etc) and he feeds his snakes live rats/mice and keeps everything on record, which is good.

On Friday we also went to this haunted house, which I might add, was well done. Although, I have excellent night vision so I was able to see all of the people who were hiding long before they tried to jump out at us. My friend's poor mom, she didn't see any of them coming, and even when she saw them they still scared the shit out of her. Even when they followed her she was still screaming, meanwhile I was laughing. It got to the point I would even point out where everyone was going to spring out from to save her from a heart attack, but it still scared her. She spent the entire time clutching onto my coat because she would get too scared to move (as well as my friend when she got scared) and I was the only person not effected by the people in there. I think the thing that scared her the most was when the guy jumped out with a real chainsaw going... but it was to be expected. I would say if you have horrible night vision, this haunted house is perfect for you. The only thing that was remotely scary was this one actor: great job. He stood in line, perfectly still, and just so happened when I was about 2 inches from his face he jumps at me, and I have to say, bravo for him. He was the first person to startle me in a long time.

For those we need a challenge:
Go try to figure out DiMono's puzzle if you need something challenging to do. (Only 2 slots are still open)

If you want a more difficult puzzle, try NotPron. So difficult, over 5.5 million people have attempted the puzzle, yet only 64 have completed it.