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I really didn't used to care about Karma (still don't, actually) or e-people. That is, until infinity43 wrote this;

bignicejohn: he shows people grace and kindness regadless of how long he has known them. There are few people that are this caring and funny- and I am lucky to be friends with two of them (mogs/bigjohn). He also drinks alot. And that is a plus.

How fucking awesome is that? Not only are my name and grace mentioned in the same sentence, but it's not sarcasm. This is the nicest thing a hot girl has ever said about me (and I'm including exes in this one!).

Now, that ego trip done, I recently bought a couple of tv dvd box sets. Drawn Together and The Lone Gunmen are both really great shows... if you like that sort of thing. Drawn Together is 'the first animated raelity show. Basically, they're got characters from all over the cartoon world, featuring everything from a Disney princess ripoff, to a superhero ripoff, an internet cartoon, and pokemon ripoff and throw them into a house. The spin on all the archetypes is really fun, and more importantly, this is perhaps the most offensive show I've ever seen.

If a show makes me think twice about a joke, it's pretty out there... but hilarious, nonetheless (although there's a bit too much cartoon nudity for my liking). So if you like Family Guy, Married with Children and good offensive fun, check that out.

Now, I was a huge x-files fan and I loved the Lone Gunmen characters. Sadly, I didn't get muhc a chance to watch their series when it was on, but I did enjoy it. It's that muhc better the second time around. The pilot actually deals with a terrorist plot to fly a plane into the World Trade Centre (the plane's coming form Boston, no less) about 10 months before the actual thing happened.

What really struck me about the show was how funny the series was. I always enjoyed the X-files episodes that took themselves a little less than seriously, and that's the otne of this whole series. It focuses more on government and big business than it does on aliens, which I kind of like, and even includes the X-files episode that features the last appearance of the Lone Gunmen.

Like Drawn Together, this set is only going to appeal to a certain kind of folk, and if that's you, the price of both of these was really affordable (I picked up both for less than 70).