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Gather 'round, folks, Uncle John is going to tell a coupe of stories to you.

For those of you who are unaware, I worked for the past 5 summers before this most recent one down at Ontario Place, and I had the chance to experience alot of weird and interesting things in my time there.

Labour Day 2003, I was managing concessions and not really doing a whole lot of work until later in the day, when I had to cover everyone's dinner break. As I am wont to do, I have fun with the customers, joke around, talk to them, ask thm how they're doing, whatever. I got into a conversation with this older guy, and as I'm scooping his cones, we have a little chat about the Air Show.

As I'm ringing him up, he asks me if I've heard of a band called Billy Talent. When I infom him that I have, and enjoy their work, he gives me a big smile and says "My son is in that band, he plays the bass..." I hand him his change then he gets really nasty and yells at me " ... DON'T DOWNLOAD MUSIC!"

So basically, I'll never buy a Billy Talent album, hell, I';e even downloaded songs I don't like just because I'm a smartass like that.

Now, another situation at OP was alot more fun. That night, Kid Rock was scheduled to peform, but, like alot of shows at the Molson Ampitheatre, his bus showed up the night before and he was just walking around the park with his son. The two decide to buy ice cream... and wander over to my booth.

I was really surprised that Kid Rock wanted Vanilla ice cream, I'm not sure what I expected him to roder, but vanilla wasn't it. As I'm scooping, I tell him that I'm working tonight, but looking forward to hearing the show (It's not entirely a lie, I do like a couple of Kid Rock songs)... I decide not to charge him because hey, if I can give Sergei Berezin and Monica Seles free ice cream, why not Kid Rock?

He says thanks, and allegedly, one of the girls working for me heard him preface Bawitdaba with "This is also for the ice cream man.'" Now, she might be screwing with me, but how cool would that be if it actually happened?

Edit; For a number of reasons, I'm going to be telling stories with the bulk of my next few journals. Hope you guys enjoy 'em.