I couldn't wait, I was going to save the rest for tonight, but I'm on a roll here.

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Now, where were we? Ahhh yes, Chadwick gets back, with, quite frankly, a psychotic look in his eye. Richter is freaking out for he rest of class wondering what the hell is going on, and right after that, all of us book it back to his room.

Sitting on his desk is a turd.

Now, this is a unique turd, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it had NO smell at all. Secondly, Chadwick had to be quite the gymnast to be able to place it directly where it was, which is, as close to the wall as possible, and with a shelf jutting out above the desk, this is no easy feat. Toi this day, theories persist as to how he managed that, did he do it upside down, or take a dump on a piece of paper and then simply place that where he wanted it? In any event, this was no ordinary dookie.

Now, this... item had already been sitting there for more than hour by the time it was witnessed by all, and Richter tried to move it with a sock he was going to throw out. It didn't budge. We all smelled his room, and everyone to a man agreed that it didn't smell like shit, although there was a bit of carrot in it.

The prevailing wisdom was that Chadwick had super-glue a fake piece of crap on his desk. Which, if it were true would make anyone chuckle. At this time, nobody even knew whether it was real or not, but because of the placement, lack of odour, and other extenuating circumstances, it was decided that there was NO WAY this thing was real.

And so it sat there for three months.

Richter got gradually more and more comfortable with it, and even touched it on occaison, or tapped his pencil off of it when writing an essay. It was by all accounts an innocent dookie, just sitting there, causing no harm to anyone.

On the second last day of class a few of us were hanging out in Richter's room (Chadwick included, the two weren't really friends, but they weren't threats to kill each other, either). Richter produces a hammer that he procured from the school janitor, with intent to smash the turd off his desk.

Well, he takes a light swing and nothing happens. The second, significant;ly harder swing, however caused the offensive log to shatter, and created perhaps the most pungent smell I have ever smelled, and will ever smell. The resulting odour was so offensive that we all bolted from the room, but not before someone had the presence of mind to puke in Richter's garbage instead of all over the hall.

Now, what did Richter do? There are only two days left of school until we all have to pack up and go home!
To Be Continued in part 3!