After being more humiliated than he most likely ever will in his life and with not much time to formulate a plan, Richter has to act fast, and bolts after Chadwick, with murder on his mind.

Chadwick makes the right decision to get the hell out of there and flat out ran. Sadly, Richter was alot faster and tackled him. Richter was (still is, most likely) an incredibly strong guy and once he caught Chadwick, he duct-taped his wrists and ankles together.

He didn't stop there.

He ran to the corner store and came back with four more rolls. Chadwick was covered in duct tape from his shoulders down. when he was done that, Richter took off Chadwick''s shoes and put on rollerblades, to make his victim mobile. Luck9ily for Chadwick, we were all in the basement, because I honestly think that Richter would've thrown him down the stairs if he had the oppourtiunity.

So Richter rolls Chadwick into his room and leaves him there overnight with the stench while getting a very nice, comfortable sleep in Chjadwick's room. Now, I was next to Richter's room and could hearCchadwick dry-heaving mor than once, begging for me to help him. Now, I would've, but at that time, I was 5'7, whip thin and honestly, afraid of Richter, so I tell him no way in hell.

Chadwick eventually falls asleep standing up on rollerblades, but falls over sometime in the night and moans that he hurt himself, trying to get Richter to free him from his torture. Of course, Richter says no dice.

That morning, one of the Rabbis comes around to remind us that if we need boxes, he has a few. He was the one that opened the door and found Chadwick duct-taped from quite literally head to toe, with pieces of crap all over the place and uke in the trashcan.

Oddly enough, both guys were kicked out of school.

Now, if any of you have questions about the story, I'll answer them in my next journal... just leave it in the comments.